Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maybe you will never read it , but.......

Yes, maybe you will never again enter this blog :-) or maybe sometimes it will happen...

And yes........ I decided not write it :)))))

Just somehow appeared on my mind - how my best friend hurt me :)

But still there is reason to smile :) that it has happened... some die without having such friends.........

But maybe yes, they are luckier -'cos they've never been hurt this way ............

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Video for Lashara

What to say.............................................................................

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Tomasz : I hope our hostess didn't sru away big portion of Xachapuri. Annushka and Giorgi : Silence - Georgians never eat cold xachapuri.. unless they go to live to Karu :)

I think REGISTRATION is coooming :DDD

Yesterday I had a birthday , I can eat as many cheesburgers as possible :D

Thats gwy my moto for life is: Be Happy :)

Tomesz is coming to Georgia :))))

It doesn't need any comments :)))

Now I'm calm - I will find my countryside guy from Gezruli this summer :) Wiz my guys :D

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The most interesting conversation :)))

Giorgi is in a bad mood ...

Surprise :DDD

But the reasons always differ...

In St. Petersburg

Annushka& Tomasz : Gzegorz, whats up with you, why don't you say anything and are sad?

Giorgi: I think I will feel happy as soon as I shit !

Annushka & Tomasz are looking for a toilet :)))))))))))))) that's the way we search for happiness :)))

This made my mood now :)))

Monday, June 23, 2008

23rd of June...

On June 21-22, 2nd National Session of EYP Georgia took place in Tbilisi.
Session was very successful. People there put great energy and resources to make it happen. I'm so happy it happened at last. I sent my tribute, I hope everybody could see. :) I tried my best to help organisers online... if I could.

Yesterday I saw report about EYP session on Georgian TV and was so happy. I sent sms to Giorgi. He was the president of the session.

I sent him many sms. But no answer.

I could get the information about National Committee elections only today and now, from group e-mail. Before 2 EYPers sent me e-mail and there was written : we are sure you already know everything about session... I couldn't answer and didn't want to ask.

You can just imagine YOURSELF, sitting in Tallinn , sending smsS, waiting whole day for information..... You - not others , are called my best friend and you left Tallinn 15 days ago and should be easier put yourself in my situation.

And I know, the next time you write me will be when you NEED something from me....

And I cry because of this...